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The Sorcerer's Accountant

Web Plan Summary

The website for The Sorcerer’s Accountant presents a simple, uncluttered look which holds a great deal of information about services offered beneath its surface and beyond its homepage. The purpose of the website is to assure clients and potential clients of the expertise of the company and then inspire them to call for a phone or in-person consultation.

To redevelop the website for the new bookkeeping services to be offered, additional service pages will be created for each subset of the bookkeeping service as well as a main page presenting the value proposition and benefits to clients of the services. All areas will offer description to be clear about what services are and are not offered, but will be focused on client benefits.

Website Marketing Strategy

To market the website, many of the current tactics will be maintained, but supplemented.

  • Expanding Google Adwords with $1,000 per month devoted to bookkeeping-related keywords for the Chicago market
  • Listing the website on databases and other websites for small business services and bookkeeping services in Chicago
  • Promoting the service to small business blogs and posting to blogs directly wherever possible
  • Referencing the website in print ads and the brochure

Most of these marketing activities will be executed by the marketing services firm contracted by Sorcerer’s Accountant as Greenwood does not have the time or expertise to execute them  himself.

The website will be expanded with additional information about best practices of bookkeeping services. Max Greenwood will devote 40 hours to developing this content within two months of the launch of the service.

Development Requirements

The website redevelopment will require the marketing service partner for the business to create new pages based on the template already set by the existing website. All copy will be written by Max Greenwood. Graphics and design elements will be added by the marketing partner. There is not a need for e-commerce, a back-end, or other functionality for the website.