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How to Pitch and Get Funded

Get expert pitch advice from an entrepreneur who raised close to $1 million. Caroline Cummings shares her pitch secrets, techniques, and tools in this free eBook “How to Pitch and Get Funded.”

What you will learn:

  • The purpose of the pitch
  • The importance of mentors and advisers
  • How to deliver an elevator pitch
  • How to deliver a video pitch
  • How to deliver a one-page pitch
  • How to deliver a pitch on stage
  • The components of a successful investor pitch

Rave Reviews

"Caroline’s common sense and straight talk is delivered with the enthusiasm and passion that made her a successful fund raiser. Her advice should be listened to by all new entrepreneurs."

Diane Fraiman, Venture Partner, Voyager Capital

"Nothing strikes fear in the heart of an entrepreneur like having to pitch investors for the first time. Caroline Cummings breaks down the process of pitching in clear, actionable and effective ways. She has lived the startup journey herself, and knows exactly what she is talking about. I recommend this eBook for anyone who wants to successfully close funding for their startup."

Pamela Slim, Author, Escape From Cubicle Nation

"Struggling to build an amazing product often pales in comparison to the stress of having to pitch that concept to investors. Caroline manages to provide a simple and straightforward recipe that can help any entrepreneur get his or her head around the techniques, and alleviate some of that stress for crafting that perfect investor pitch."

Rick Turoczy, Co-founder, Portland Incubator Experiment and Editor of Silicon Florist

About the Author:

caroline cummings imageCaroline Cummings is the former co-founder and CEO of two technology companies. She’s experienced both start-up failures and successes, and has raised close to $1 million in investment capital. She has pitched to friends and family, angel investors, venture capitalists, and private equity firms.

She’s pitched in elevators, parking lots, taxicabs, hotel lobbies, conference rooms, using Skype, and even on stage in front of hundreds of angel investors.