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Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi

Web Plan Summary

Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi will create a user-friendly, content-packed website with information on our services and prices, as well as on the general benefits of wireless connections. As we are geared toward wholesale with property owners and ISPs, we will also maintain a section with current news about the use of technology in commercial and residential property management/marketing, as a benefit for our customers.

5.1 Website Marketing Strategy

We will aggressively target managed property advice, information, and association sites with banner ads and pay-per-click links to our website. We will also regularly submit a “technology” column to one of the better real estate management magazines, in order to become known as experts in this field, and build our reputation.

5.2 Development Requirements

The main phase of our website development is already completed. We have assembled the service, pricing, and portal pages for our different target markets, and are compiling articles and useful links for the same groups. We are developing the site ourselves, and will contract with a hosting company for maintenance under our own domain name, once the site is established. Ongoing expenses for maintenance (exclusive of extra marketing, such as pay-per-clicks and banner ads designed to draw traffic) are listed under “Miscellaneous” expenses in the Profit and Loss statement.

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