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RQM Technologies

Products and Services

RQM Technologies develops, markets and sells miniaturized, low-cost, electronic, remote Personal Locator Devices using unassisted GPS/GSM technology, which is not reliant on cellular towers to relay data. The remote Personal Locator Device system includes a small programmable external device (approximately 2″ x 2″ x 3/8″) fitted with GPS/GPM transceivers, which can be activated from a remote location anywhere in the world to instantaneously pinpoint the wearer’s location, speed and direction of travel, accurate to within 3 meters in real-time. This will prove an invaluable tool in helping families and law enforcement agencies locate missing persons within seconds, with the distinct potential of saving lives by finding missing persons much faster than any other current technology available to an end-user.

Our remote Personal Locator Device(s) immediately locate and help rescue lost or missing children, teens, the active elderly (including Alzheimer’s patients) pets, military personnel in the field or at sea, with a simple cellular phone call or computer key stroke. These same Locator Devices can be used in the business arena in order to better manage the logistics of outside personnel, sales people, deliveries, fleet operations, valuable packages or equipment in transit, helping to increase their business efficiency and thus improve profits.

  • Phase 1 Personal Tracking Device (PTD) will be cellular-tower-reliant, in order to offer the lowest price point product to the end-user. These will work well in areas where cellular towers are present, such as most cities across the continental U.S., still accurate in real-time to within about 9 feet.
  • Phase 2 PTD will utilize military technology not reliant on cellular towers, but rather linking directly to the GPS satellite network in orbit. These will be effective anywhere in the world, for applications where cellular towers are not present, such as mountains, lakes and oceans, deserts, and small or remote cities where cellular towers are not present. Although slightly more expensive to the end-user, we feel this product will address the problems associated in areas without cellular coverage, not currently available outside the military. The Phase 2 PTD is a unit designed for the military, sportsman, hikers, campers, boaters, and other adventurers.

Both units are being developed simultaneously, and will be available for pre-sale orders in the Fall of 2004.

As RQM Technologies grows, we will be defining and developing additional profit centers for our company and investors by offering value-added services such as training classes, seminars, on-site programming, private labeling for our channel market resellers, and other ancillary revenue streams based on individual client needs.