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Tablature Tattoo

Products and Services

Tablature Tattoo will provide the following services to customers:

  • Introductory/shop-minimum tattoos
  • Basic tattoos (~1 hour session)
  • Full sessions (2-6 hour sessions)

Introductory tattoos are for those who are new to tattoos. They are basic, small designs by the artists or standard public-domain designs. Custom designs cannot be provided as an introductory tattoo. These tattoos can generally be finished in 45 minutes and with a minimum amount of consultation with the client. For many customers who get a small tattoo, it may be the only tattoo they ever receive. Some do convert to get more tattoos in the future. Those who are more adventurous and who intend to collect tattoos will often choose the other services. The price for an introductory tattoo will be $60 at launch.

Basic tattoos offer some consultation with the client, a wider number of colors, and about an hour of work with an artist. These are not generally custom-designed tattoos, but may include some customization of existing designs. The price for this service will be $100 at launch.

Full sessions allow creative freedom for the artist to create customization of a design or an original design for a customer and freedom for the customer to know that there is a ceiling on the price he or she will pay. The price for these sessions will be $300 at launch.

Clients can view binders of the flash art (photos and images of designs by the artists and public domain designs they can work from) while sitting on the couch in the shop’s waiting area. Julie can discuss options and prices with the customers if the artists are working with customers at the moment.

Tablature Tattoo will also sell branded products in the store with designs created by the shop’s tattoo artists. These include t-shirts, hoodies, bags, caps, posters, and potentially other items. The artists will choose their best and most popular designs four times a year and have runs of these items printed. Short runs will be printed, allowing the business to respond to customer preference based on what sells (both the types of items and the types of designs). The items will be sold for an average of $20, which will vary depending on the type of item. Each item will contain the Tablature Tattoo logo and can be signed by the tattoo artist if desired.