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SOHO Computer Consulting Business Plan


Creative Concepts will offer computer support and upgrade service to clients of two major categories, home PC users and small office users. These categories will define 95% of our operations.

3.1 Service Description

Our services can be obtained through direct hourly compensation, or if preferred or more applicable, through a contract situation with pre-defined limits.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

Our services are more thorough and precise than any existing competition in the surrounding metro area. Since we have no extravagant overhead we can be focused on delivering exactly what the customer wants, something other computer support providers in this area have a hard time with.

3.3 Technology

Creative Concepts will operate in an environment with technology that is constantly evolving. Keeping up to date will be of vital importance to the profitability of this venture. Keeping this in mind, we will maintain working, as well as functional, knowledge of all the latest software available to the public. Our customers will receive the most current versions of all software and hardware upgrades requested.

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