Mahogany Western Wear

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Clothing Retail Business Plan

Management Summary

Employees will be encouraged to work within their creative, physical, and intellectual boundaries. All duties will be divided and delegated according to strengths and weaknesses. At Mahogany we will expect a high degree of customer service skills and personality as this is essential to our success.

Chandra Miller will assess the productivity and perform informal employees evaluations of all employees every six months. These bi-annual evaluations are conducive to the continued growth of our small business.

6.1 Organizational Structure

Mahogany Western Wear is a small business and therefore requires a simple organizational structure. Chandra Miller will act a general manager. All decisions are made in-line with the company objectives. Employee tasks are delegated based upon their level of expertise, creativity, strengths and weaknesses.

6.2 Management Team

Chandra E. Miller, co-owner and general manager will be responsible for all administrative functions, purchasing, inventory control, and promotions. She will also act as a part-time sales representative. She has spent over 10 years in accounting, finance and operations management. She was also the owner of Tattletale's, an e-commerce toy store for three years. She has extensive background in purchasing, inventory control, and marketing.

6.3 Personnel Plan

The personnel plan is included in the following table below. There will be one full-time employee and two part-time employees working 20-30 hours per week. The full-time employee will be paid at a rate of  $10.00 per hour and the two part-time employees will be paid at a rate of $8.00 per hour. All employee's will benefit from a one day paid holiday on their respective birthdays and one week of paid vacation after twelve months of employment.

At this time medical benefits will not be offered to employees. As profits increase in the future medical benefits will be offered to all employees.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Owner $11,475 $12,623 $13,885
Full-time postion $20,400 $22,440 $24,684
Part-time position $12,240 $13,464 $14,810
Total People 3 3 3
Total Payroll $44,115 $48,527 $53,379

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