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Ownership & Structure

Nevada C Corp. Initial ownership 1,000 shares 40% Lupe Rocha, 35% Shanna Smith, 25% Matt Kenny.

Located on the web, phones, in slack, and email. We call this remote working. Lupe is in the Silicon Valley in California, Shanna in a suburb of Seattle, and Matt in Portland, OR.


Management Team

We are value-driven. We believe that we’re doing something that needs doing, will help our users succeed, and will be the best possible way to spend the money they spend.

Lupe Rocha, 34

MIT CS and Stanford MBA 10 years experience in 2 software startups including Acme that she led to sale to XYZ at $200M valuation. She was founder and CEO at Acme and took its sales of content management software from zero to $8 million annually.

We have Lupe as interim CEO, meaning she’s CEO but committed to the business, and business success, much more than to a specific title.

Matt Kenny, 52

Decades of successful consulting, early stint with McKinsey, author of a collection of proposal templates, Harvard MBA.

Matt is product lead, which is like an acting Chief Product Office but without the title and with the understanding that he wants to manage the quality, features, and functionality of the product; and that he will be happy to move over and allow room for a CTO in the future.

Shana Smith, 29

Built and successfully sold her social media and marketing software HIJ to ABC. Forbes 30 under 30. Degree in Lit from Northwestern.  Shana will run the marketing for the foreseeable future but — as with Lupe and Matt — she will be ready to work with and for a CMO when growth makes that convenient.