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McKenzie Roller Rink

Web Plan Summary

The McKenzie Roller Rink will focus on providing a website with information that will give a detailed description of our facility, times of operation, and all associated costs.

McKenzie Roller Rink will provide a website that will appeal to all kinds of consumers. A database will be kept that will help in future marketing endeavors. Using Web services provided by our Internet provider, we will be able to track what domain users get to our site from. This will help us decide where our Web marketing dollar is best spent.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

More and more people are looking for a recreational opportunity that they can either participate in as a family or a group activity. It is the intent of McKenzie Roller Rink to promote such an opportunity, and through our website we intend to promote our quality facility that is ideal for groups large and small.

The main focus for McKenzie Roller Rink website will be:

  1. A detailed view of our facilities through photographs.
  2. A list of all our times of operation.
  3. A description of what our facility has to offer large and small groups.
  4. A description of our concessions area and the kinds of food and beverages we serve.

6.2 Development Requirements

McKenzie Roller Rink website will be initially developed with few technical resources. A simple hosting provider, AOL Web services, will host the site.

McKenzie Roller Rink will work with a contracted user interface designer to develop a simple, but informative Internet-focused site. The user interface designer will work with Don Jones to come up with a website logo, and the website graphics. Initially a $1,000 dollars will be invested into the implementation of this site.

The maintenance of the site will be done by McKenzie Roller Rink and as the website evolves it is possible that we will look into developing newsletters and downloadable market research reports. McKenzie Roller Rink can also look into pre-packaged solutions through AOL Web services.