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Recycling Waste Materials Business Plan

Management Summary

Mr. Oliver Pyne is the mind behind Mid-Atlantic Recycling. He saw the need for human waste sludge to be recycled and used in several different and environmentally beneficial ways. With the development, determination, motivation, and persistence of everyone involved, Mid-Atlantic Recycling will be the leading producer of composted human waste sludge in West Virginia and a leader in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The management team of Mid-Atlantic Recycling will be comprised of the following executive positions:

  • President: Oliver Pyne. Mr. Pyne has a degree in Agriculture from West Virginia University and has spent 30 years in the farming and agriculture industry. He has extensively researched and tested this composting process to ensure that it works with human waste sludge, and is thoroughly familiar with the process from start to finish. Mr. Pyne has experience in the operation, fabrication and maintenance of heavy equipment. This ability will be critical to the success of the business.
  • Operations Manager: Sam Cole. Mr. Cole has operated a landscaping firm for 7 years and is intimately familiar with the uses of compost materials as well as the markets.
  • Controller: Alexander Main. Mr. Main has a background in business and management and will handle administrative details such as taxes, check writing and bookkeeping.

At Mid-Atlantic Recycling, the management team believes that this unique way of recycling will change the way consumers look at fertilize and compost products. As with any company, the responsibilities and duties of the management team are very important and cannot be taken lightly. Mid-Atlantic Recycling's management will work together as a team to create a successful company.

7.1 Management Team

The responsibilities involved in the company Mid-Atlantic Recycling are great and abundant. Mid-Atlantic Recycling's main purpose is to appeal to municipalities by offering a human waste disposal alternative, and to environmentally conscious minded consumers by developing products that include recycled human waste. Each executive member will have several responsibilities that are imperative to fulfill the duties in producing such unique products.

As founder and president of Mid-Atlantic Recycling, Mr. Oliver Pyne will be responsible for the entire operation. Some of his duties will include overseeing the areas held by the other company executives, as well as the output produced by other employees. He will be in charge of the company's public relations. He will also have the job of hiring dedicated people and ensuring employees put their best efforts into the production of Mid-Atlantic Recycling's products. He will have the lead role in making decisions that concern the well being of Mid-Atlantic Recycling.

Mr. Sam Cole has an important job as operations manager. His job will be crucial in the growth of Mid-Atlantic Recycling. He will ensure that day-to-day operations are conducted such that materials are received, methods and processes are standardized, and production is maximized to ensure uniform production of compost materials. This duty will entail establishing a good working relationship with production line employees because without them Mid-Atlantic Recycling's products will not be produced.

Mr. Alexander Main will be responsible for Mid-Atlantic Recycling's financial management operations including accounts payable, accounts receivables, and bookkeeping.

7.2 Management Team Gaps

To assist in sales and marketing, Mid-Atlantic Recycling plans to utilize the services of Blevins Consulting, LLC, a management consultant firm based in West Virginia. Blevins Consulting specializes in business planning, marketing planning, training, website design and marketing, and marketing to the federal government.

Marketing and sales will play an important role in convincing consumers to switch from their old products to Mid-Atlantic Recycling's products. Blevins will help create the need for our products and services while at the same time capturing the attention of the consumers' targeted. Some of Blevins duties will include writing press releases, coordinating print and radio press, monitoring the competition, making presentations to potential clients, and studying the markets to identify customers' needs and determine how to best appeal to those needs.

7.3 Personnel Plan

The Personnel Plan reflects the staffing levels required to manage and achieve the anticipated levels of production, and establish the customer base needed to achieve the revenues projected and reach profitability.

We have projected a staff of 22 employees in 2004. This includes the owner, 2 managers, 3 truck drivers, 4 equipment operators, 2 laborers, 2 metal workers, and 1 secretary; this staff of 15 will operate the recycling facility. In addition, a staff of seven, including one supervisor and 6 laborers, will provide sawdust, wood chip, and bark removal at the International Paper Company on a full time basis; the contract for this work has been won. The sawdust materials collected will be used in the composting process.

In addition to the above, Mid-Atlantic Recycling plans to hire a local trucking firm to deliver compost materials to customers. This is expected to result in the creation of two additional jobs.

Therefore, the total employment impact of this venture is expected to be the creation of 24 jobs in the first year of operation.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Management/supervisory $106,044 $250,992 $527,083
Production labor $186,889 $338,688 $711,245
Sawdust collection team $81,120 $176,646 $183,712
Other $0 $0 $0
Total People 22 44 88
Total Payroll $374,053 $766,326 $1,422,040

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