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Mixed Greens Salad Gardens

Management Summary

Heidi Ponic, founder and owner, first became interested in growing vegetables at the age of five. Heidi pursued her love for plants by obtaining a biology degree at the University of Washington. Throughout her last three years at Washington, she worked in a greenhouse that grew many different types of annuals. Upon graduation, Heidi went to work for a large grass seed manufacturer. Although the growing of grass seed proved to be far less interesting then most other plants, she was determined to get management experience, a skill set that she lacked. After two years at Willamette Seed Company, she enrolled in Oregon State University’s Masters of Horticulture program.

Having gone through the three years of the Masters program, she realized two things, 1) she needed to create a job/company for herself, 2) she should follow her passion and grow vegetables. These realizations were the final catalyst to pursue her lifelong dream of running her own greenhouse operation.

Heidi’s educational training and her passion creates the ideal combination for an owner of a start-up company.

6.1 Personnel Plan

The staff will consist of Heidi working full time. While the bulk of the time Heidi will spend managing the operation, she will always spend a few hours a week tending to the plants. In addition to all of the general management required for the production of the greens, Heidi will be setting up strategic relationships with local restaurants. Mixed Greens Salad Gardens will have hired two full-time gardeners beginning in the middle of the first month, and will hire a part-time helper by month four. The gardeners will be primarily responsible for the raising of the field greens, while the part-time help will be used to help staff the farmers market booth for the consumer selling of the greens.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Heidi $24,000 $24,000 $24,000
Gardener $16,650 $17,500 $18,500
Gardener $16,650 $17,500 $18,500
Part-time Helper $0 $9,000 $9,500
Part-time Helper $6,750 $0 $9,000
Total People 4 5 6
Total Payroll $64,050 $68,000 $79,500