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Replay Plastics



Ownership & Structure

Replay Plastics is owned by the initial founders, B. Braddock, S. McGuire and C. Smith, who are the proposed three executives of the operating entity. The plan was conceived and developed by these individuals, with the intent to apply their extensive experience and contacts in the industry to building a successful profitable corporation.


Management team

Ben Braddock, President and CEO, has a 30-year history of experience encompassing all aspects of Polymer Raw Material, Plastic Conversion Methods, and Venture Development. He founded Company C, a multi-cavity plastic injection molder container facility, and Company D, a solid phase pressure forming polypropylene (PP) food container facility. He also assisted in the launch of five plastic converting manufacturing plants.

For the last fifteen years Ben has been an independent consultant in the plastics industry. His clients have included [proprietary and confidential information removed].

Sam McGuire, Executive VP and COO, is a graduate engineer with over 20 years experience in the post-consumer plastics recycling industry and is the inventor of the primary recycling technology used in the process for this project. He has received a patent for his recycling technologies and has been directly involved in over twenty-five major post consumer plastics recycling  projects. Sam has played a major role in the design and manufacture of specific recycling equipment as well as playing a key management role in the design, construction, installation, commissioning and operation of several independent recycling businesses.

In 1998, Sam sold his interests in a medical waste treatment and plastics recycling business to a public company (Company A) based in Chicago. Since that time he has served as Vice President, International Business Development and Engineering for this Company. His primary responsibilities over the past five years have included: the rollout of the corporate business model to international countries; the licensing of intellectual property to joint venture companies; managing the design and construction of medical waste treatment and plastics recycling facilities and continuing business and technical support to the resulting joint venture businesses throughout the world.

In the past five years, Sam has successfully completed projects in Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Japan and Australia totaling over $100 Million in investment.

Carl R. Smith, CFO, has over 30 years of investment, merchant banking and management experience. He has assisted in raising over $500 million and served as board member and/or officer in over 40 public and private companies.

Carl is the former CEO of E Corporation, Ltd.,  a company manufacturing plastic injection molded products. Prior to 1993 he was a partner in two independent investment banking firms, Company F and Company G. During his time at Company G, more than $450 million was raised for client companies, and the assets grew to $50 million. Prior to forming Company G, Carl was a principal and manager of several operating companies in industries such as plastics, mining and oil and gas exploration.