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Unite For Youth



Ownership & Structure

Unite for Youth is a tax-exempt not-for-profit mentoring organization that pairs volunteers with at-risk youth.


Management Team

The following table summarizes our personnel expenditures for the first three years. Unite for Youth will have the following staff.

  • Fundraising/grant coordinator;
  • Mentor recruitment/training coordinator;
  • Youth referral coordinator;
  • Office manager.

Personnel Table

2020 2021 2022
Executive Director $42,000 $42,840 $43,697
Fundraising/grant coordinator $39,000 $39,780 $40,576
Mentor Recruitment Coordinator $36,000 $36,720 $37,454
Youth Referral Coordinator $36,000 $36,720 $37,454
Office manager $30,000 $30,600 $31,212