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CMBA - Connecticut Motorsports Business Association


Activities and events:

  1. Monthly dinner meetings for information sharing.
  2. Lobbying and legislative services.
  3. Annual awards banquet.
  4. Spring motorcycle show.
  5. Winter conference and seminars.
  6. Annual Connecticut SuperRide.
  7. Permanent rider education facility.
  8. Connecticut Motorsports Park.

3.1 Service Description

  1. Government: CMBA employs a professional lobbyist to represent our members with government agencies and the legislature.
  2. Communications: We distribute a monthly newsletter and hold regular monthly meetings as well as special bulletins and events to share information with and among our members.
  3. Group Benefits: We coordinate our members’ dealings with insurance companies and distributors for rates and discounts.
  4. Retail Marketing: We produce events and advertising campaigns to promote the motorsports industry in Connecticut.
  5. Training: We conduct seminars and workshops to improve our members’ businesses.

3.2 Alternative Providers

While there are no direct competitors, there are other organizations that may solicit our members and prospects.

  1. CBIA. Connecticut Business and Industry Association offers group insurance and other benefits to small businesses.
  2. CATA. Connecticut Auto Trades Association offers benefits to firms selling motor vehicles.
  3. CMTA. Connecticut Marine Trades Association offer benefits to firms selling watercraft.
  4. Chambers of Commerce offer incentives to businesses in their local market.
  5. National organizations (dealer groups, Lemco Twenty Clubs) offer benefits.

3.3 Printed Collaterals

The management team will develop an organization brochure to explain the benefits of membership to prospective members and associate members.

3.4 Fulfillment

  1. The full-time executive director will personally visit every business in the state that is involved with motorsports, or otherwise interested in our goals and objectives, to solicit their membership in the Association. In addition, he will contact businesses outside the state that are potential Associate members.
  2. The director and staff will coordinate and produce the events and activities that will produce the revenue to operate the Association as well as provide the services for our members.

3.5 Technology

The executive director and the Association management team will maintain Windows and Mac capabilities including:

  1. Complete email facilities on the Internet for working with members directly through email and website delivery of information.
  2. Complete desktop publishing facilities for delivery of reports, announcements, news, and information.
  3. Telephone and fax facilities, including a toll-free hot-line for members and consumers.

3.6 Future Services

Among the services planned for the future are:

  1. A group insurance medical plan for all members.
  2. A group buying plan for all members.
  3. Bringing the CMBA members onto the Internet for consumer sales and inter-member product distribution.
  4. A permanent rider education facility.
  5. A Connecticut Motorsport Park.