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The Medical Group


TMG has obtained start-up capital and initiated development activities toward completing a physician network for access to Medicare managed care revenues. TMG believes that they are currently two years ahead of the industry in knowledge and experience.

3.1 Research and Development

TMG, through three years of research, has developed a proprietary and exclusive listing of all physicians in Texas and their walk-in patient volumes. This research and management tool has allowed us to identify and approach several local physicians. It is because of this knowledge that Mr. Johnson is able to obtain initial seed development capital from the hospital system. His knowledge and expertise in this market, and his relationship with key physicians, has been widely recognized by several hospital systems in Southern Texas over the past few years.

3.2 Market Needs

TMG plans to respond to market needs by expanding into additional counties in the near future. In addition, as TMG operations unfold, the utilization of the Internet as a billing mechanism is foreseen. TMG projects that, as a part of its contract for infrastructure services for its development, it will provide Internet activity to its member physicians for cost reductions and ease of operations.

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