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Massage Tools

Web Plan Summary

The Massage Tools website will focus on providing a vehicle for easily purchasing the Massage Tools line of products. We’ll also have content that explains overuse injuries for massage professionals and a self-test of questions that will help the user determine if they are likely to incur an overuse injury sooner due to the workload they carry.

We will have a grocery cart feature to allow quick and easy purchasing. We realize that a tedious ordering process can deter even the most interested consumers. may partner with online massage retailers to sell relevant products to the users, such as oils, lotions, sheets, pillows, aromatherapy, etc.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Our Internet marketing activities will be focused on product sales. Although we will sell to massage schools and other resellers, we’ll focus our Internet activities towards the general public end user.

We’ll advertise this site in non-trade publications such as New Age, Health, Simple, Self, etc.

6.2 Development Requirements

The Massage Tools website will be initially developed with few technical resources. A simple local hosting provider, Jurgens Information Services, will host the site and provide the technical back end and will contract to provide user interface design to develop the simple site. The user interface designer will work with a JLM, a graphic artist, to come up with the website logo, and the website graphics.

The maintenance of the site will be done by the Jurgens consultants. We don’t anticipate much change necessary until further products are developed.