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jSpan Corporation


jSpan Corporation is establishing strategic partnerships with network service providers that will permit the company to co-host a remote access server at their facility. The initial deployment is focused on service providers who generate a majority of their revenue through broadband services to businesses. This strategy establishes jSpan in the remote access market while maintaining the company growth at a manageable level. Following the initial deployment, jSpan will target a broader base of service providers and larger corporate end users. Long term revenue growth will result from the addition of value added and premium services.

5.1 Staffing Plan

In addition to the two founders, a VP of Operations and a Project Manager will be added following the first funding event. By the end of the first year of operations jSpan will have a total of 21 employees: six each in Administration, Sales and Marketing, and Operations, and three in Engineering. Revenue per employee will be approximately $1,862. The number of employees will grow from 34 at the end of year two to 1,073 at the end of year five. During this same period revenue per employee will increase from $94,125 to $393,648.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Operations $209,500 $600,600 $2,006,550 $3,310,808 $10,681,869
Engineering $98,000 $403,200 $2,469,600 $11,113,200 $32,050,469
Sales & Marketing $90,000 $336,000 $1,446,480 $6,038,172 $15,597,376
Administration $194,332 $372,395 $558,593 $2,463,394 $5,604,220
Total People 21 34 121 410 1073
Total Payroll $591,832 $1,712,195 $6,481,223 $22,925,573 $63,933,934

5.2 Product Deployment

jSpan, in partnership with a regional Internet service provider, will offer service to a limited number of users in month four. This market test will run for approximately three months. jSpan will continue to build relationships with other service providers for a full regional launch in month seven. jSpan’s rollout strategy will establish relationships with multiple ISPs until the service is widely available. Additional relationships will be initiated with ILECs and CLECs that are seeking to provide added value services through ASPs.