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Insurance Solutions, LLC

Products and Services

Insurance Valuer (IV) Software

ISL’s Web-based “Insurance Valuer” (IV) software lets our customers determine insurance coverage needs for both property and contents insurance far more accurately than our competitors’ paper-based valuation methods. By offering the data retrieval system online, we can keep our risk assessment costs and valuation estimates up-to-date and accurate without costly distribution of printed materials. IV is designed to be used by insurance companies, mortgage providers, small business lenders, consumers and ancillary industries associated with the property and casualty insurance industry.

The IV software is an easily implementable tool that will significantly increase our corporate customers’ premium income revenues, while enhancing their ability to improve customer service and retention. For direct-to-consumer sales, we will initially focus on consumers in high-risk areas: Southern California’s wildfire districts, Florida’s hurricane zones, and areas prone to flooding.

This software is currently unique in the insurance assessment industry, and allows us a short window of time (2-4 years) to become the “first-mover,” gaining a brand identity and customer loyalty before competitors can reverse-engineer our products.

Additional Links and Updates

Through our links to contents and services providers, insurance companies will be able to provide their customers with rapid replacement of their lost / stolen / damaged property and/or contents at significantly reduced cost, further enhancing customer service, loyalty and retention.

The direct-to-consumer version of IV will include additional, individually-selected information, reminders and updates to alert them to market and/or regulatory changes that may impact their insurance, financial and legal affairs.

Documents Plus

Documents Plus is a Web-based system for direct sale to consumers. It allows for secure electronic storage and retrieval of important documents and information to support consumers’ insurance and security document needs. As a portable, access-anywhere database, Documents Plus allows consumers to download or print their digital images for insurance value verification, insurance policies and documentation, legal and security documents (wills, mortgage documents, investment securities and statements), and more, with the peace of mind that a secure, encrypted, and certified system allows.

Despite warnings from the insurance industry, many customers continue to store important documents and proof of ownership or policies in unsecured locations. If their house burns down, their documents burn. If their jewelry is stolen, they have no recent pictures to assist police in locating it. Documents Plus will be sold direct to consumers and through affiliated insurance companies as a secure storage for all of their document access needs. No need to go all the way to the bank to open a safe-deposit box; simply open your Documents Plus online account when you establish your insurance account, and upload pictures and documents from any convenient location.