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Management Summary

The management philosophy of SoulSpace is based on respect for each of our fellow employees, respect for every customer, and individual responsibility. SoulSpace’s success is dependent on the warmth and uniqueness of its atmosphere which is generated by a fun-loving and caring employee. The management team will consist of the owner, general manager, and assistant manager (if deemed necessary). We will hire only those whom demonstrate the qualities necessary for working in a nurturing environment, and the willingness to move forward in study of energetic principals if not already so trained. We will be hiring the ultimate “people persons.”

6.1 Organizational Structure

Our initial team consists of 14 employees, inclusive of a general manager and an assistant manager, both of whom will be active stylists/therapists.

Employees will be in from the two store divisions of spa and salon. On the salon side there will be 10 stylists and one or two receptionists. There will be room for expansion to 12-15 stylists and three receptionists. The spa side will consist of three massage therapists, one energy therapist, one nail specialist, and one receptionist. There will be room for expansion to five to seven massage therapists, and two to three energy therapists.

6.2 Management Team

Steven J. Long, co-owner, president: Founded SoulSpace in 2001. He has a degree in psychology from NC State, a concentration in industrial/organizational with emphasis on communication. He has been a Reiki Master Usui Shiki Ryoho since 1996 and operates part-time healing practice from home. He has eight years management experience, six in retail, two in electronic component rep field for distribution. Mr. Long spent three years in the modeling industry, one as model and two as the manager of an agency in Raleigh in 1991.

Deborah L. Long, co-owner: Debby will not be directly involved in daily operations, but will assist Steve in general organizational planning and vision implementation. Debby currently is the number one co-location sales manager for SpectraSite, Inc. where she has worked for two years. She spent several years as an executive assistant at TDK of America’s Distribution Sales Center in Chicago, and at Cotton Incorporated. She is a level two Usui Shiki Ryoho.

Linda Hill-Chinn, co-owner, CFO: Linda is retired after having spent 15 years as senior national staffing specialist for the American Hospital Association in Chicago, as well as serving on their board of directors for several national projects. She also spent several years managing Planned Parenthood of Chicago. Linda holds a Masters of sociology from Brown University.

Jennifer McElravey, general manager: For the past nine years, Jennifer has been one of the top stylist for Mitchell’s Hair Design of Raleigh and is currently a level five stylist, Salon Designer of the Year ’94-97, and received extra training at Vidal Sassoon of London, Highest Salon Retail Sales four different years. Jennifer is also a level two Usui Shiki Ryoho.

6.3 Management Team Gaps

We believe the experience of our team covers the needs to make the business plan for SoulSpace a very successful reality. The assistant manager is not named here because that position will be named from the pool of stylists/therapists that will be hired previous to our opening.

6.4 Personnel Plan

The Personnel Plan below reflects our projected need at opening, and carries through the second year expansions.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Steve Long, Owner, President $65,040 $65,040 $65,040
General Manager $60,000 $60,000 $60,000
%100 Commissioned Employees $150 $156 $156
Receptionist $15,360 $15,360 $15,360
Receptionist $15,360 $30,620 $30,620
Total People 17 18 18
Total Payroll $155,910 $171,176 $171,176