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HandyMan Stan

Web Plan Summary

HandyMan Stan’s website will serve as a basic catalog of offered services that will be provided. In addition to a listing of the different skills that Stan possess, a list of testimonials and referrals will be on the site. Stan believes that this will be quite effective at swaying unsure people who have never heard about HandyMan Stan. More in depth inquires will be directed to Stan’s phone number.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy will employ two distinct mechanisms:

  • Search engine submission: This will be most useful to people who are unfamiliar with HandyMan Stan but are looking for a local handyman. There will also be searches from customers who may know about HandyMan Stan but are seeking additional information.
  • URL on all printed material: For every printed piece of material that Stan offers, the site’s Web address will be listed, encouraging a visit to the site.

6.2 Development Requirements

The site will be developed by a friend under a barter agreement. Because the value of the development services will be less than $600, it will not have to be listed as a payout of 1099 income for tax purposes.