Zara Restaurant and Lounge

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Ethnic Food Restaurant Business Plan


Zara Restaurant & Lounge will feature international dishes, an eclectic ambiance, and superior service. Our food will be of the finest quality and prepared with exotic flare. Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our success. We will change our menu every 4 months, but maintain the 'favorites' for loyal patrons. Portions will be modestly sized, garnished with stunning presentation.

Our wine list will be modest and primarily focused on wines from California, Spain, Portugal, and Argentina. Approximately 25% will be available exclusively by the glass, and the remaining labels will be available by the bottle. We will also feature a moderate international beer selection on tap and in bottles. The Zara bar features a comprehensive selection of local and international spirits.

The kitchen staff will have the best in culinary education and work experience. Their creative talents will compliment one another. The lounge and restaurant staff will offer the finest service in an electric atmosphere and offer customers an extraordinary dining experience.

Zara Menus

Zara's varied international menu will feature Thai, Chinese, Spanish, and other regional flavors. The menu flows together to create complementary elements. Normal dining will have a reduced Tapas, Appetizer and Entrée selection, while the Fusion Dim Sum menu will have special items featured only for after-hours dining. The final menu will be defined by the Executive Chef and paired with the wine menu. We have carefully selected a premium wine, beer, and alcohol listing, from which we will choose a modest rotating selection. Zara's marketing will focus on our exotic foods, but our hours, target market, and location will produce significant alcoholic drinks sales. Tapas, in particular, are small dishes meant for sharing while drinking sangria, wine, or other mixed drinks, and the Tapas menu will play up this idea with drink suggestions.

The list below offers a small selection of our opening menu offerings:

Zara Tapas

  • Shrimp Baskets w/ sweet & sour peanut coulis Minced curry beef/chicken w/ onions in roti wrap (or spring roll)
  • Mixed Seafood Ceviche w/ couscous siding
  • Bamboo Chicken Satay w/ kaffir lime and Sesame marmalade

Zara Appetizers

  • Bread basket served with Olive oil, Black Pepper, and Goat Cheese dip
  • Blue Crab Fritters with Mango-Tamarind sauce
  • Crab Cake medallions w/ Shrimp & Lobster ‘Zara'


  • Mixed Greens with Spanish sherry wine vinaigrette
  • Asian Pear and Endive Salad with Blue Cheese & Walnuts


  • Tequila Scallops w/ a Spanish sherry reduction
  • Thai Red Chili rubbed shrimp
  • Voodoo Prince Curry Chicken and Bock Chow w/sticky rice in Banana Leaf
  • Herb Roasted Chicken with ‘Zara' Coo-Chee (House) spices


  • Chocolate Chunk Bread Pudding w/ Bourbon Cherry sauce
  • Zara Chocolate Explosion – Milk, Dark and White chocolate
  • Zara Fruit Plate

Specialty Drinks & Coffees ($3.5 - 9.5)
A key source of revenue for the restaurant will be alcohol and bar sales. The restaurant will feature exotic drinks on a separate menu. Alcoholic drink specials will be featured, as well as a large non-alcoholic selection. After-hours bar service will feature selections of non-alcoholic drinks to increase bar sales during lunch and after regulatory hours. Bar pricing is competitive; prices range from $3.50 to 6.95. Non-alcoholic drinks will be in the higher price bracket due to preparation requirements. Prices will range from $4.75 to 9.50.

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