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Green Power Consultancy


Green Power offers a wide range of environmentally-conscious energy solutions related to new and existing structures. The main areas of consulting that Green Power will offer are:

  • Passive heating: This applies to the construction of the new structures, designing the structure to capture and utilize heat that is either generated naturally or as a by-product of the building. Examples of passive heating include specific placement of the heating vents, the design and placement of the building and the windows.
  • Grey water: This is the capture and utilization of grey water.  Grey water is water that has been used for some other source such as in the faucets or rain water that can no longer be offered as potable, but still can be used for toilet flushing or land irrigation.
  • Renewable energy: This service offers customers the information needed to make intelligent decisions regarding the use of renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources can be defined as sources of energy where the rate of energy depletion is not faster than the production rate.  Examples include: wind power, photovoltaics, hydro power, biomass, solar energy.
  • Employee transportation: This service is to reduce the energy consumed by employees traveling to work. Typical aspects of the plan are outlining public transportation options, developing a company subsidized public/alternative transportation voucher, building covered bicycle lockers and shower facilities as well as other activities designed to increase the number of employees using bicycles as their main source of transportation to work.
  • Efficient building construction: This focuses on the use of local building materials thereby decreasing energy needed for transportation as well as the utilization of recycled materials for construction decreasing energy demands for the manufacture of new building materials.