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All About People

Market Analysis Summary

All About People (AAP) is a local firm that costs less than a consultant or agency, provides for both project and long-term needs, and has an easy, pay and billing rate system that covers employee payroll and worker’s compensation insurance.

There are a variety of reasons why businesses may need AAP’s services:

  • Spikes in work load
  • Business expands into an area that in-house expertise does not yet match
  • Special events
  • Pregnancy leave or sabbatical
  • Business increases after layoffs
  • Smaller business does not yet have staff on-hand to complete extra projects.

According to economic forecasters, employment agencies and financial services are expected to have the largest industry growth over the next 25 years. The trend toward businesses cutting back on employees and their benefits due to high costs creates the demand for AAP’s services.

Just consider the time, energy, and resources an employer may spend trying to employ a person for a 20-hour task.

In addition to the already lucrative temporary industry, several companies in the Portland Metro Area place professional contingent workers, but the southern Willamette Valley is not currently being served.

The company approaches businesses primarily through networking and cold calls. Our intention is to utilize a PR agency for more coverage as soon as possible. AAP is a member of the area Chamber of Commerce and actively participates in as many activities as possible, the proprietor is a member of the Women’s Business Network, the Professional Women’s Organization, and we are in the process of connecting with the Society for Human Resource Management. Prior to start-up, AAP also surveyed several area businesses about their use of contingent workers. The company will use its website and other marketing materials that describe what services we provide and explain how simple it is to work with us.

AAP advertises in local papers and trade magazines when absolutely necessary, but most often uses the Oregon Employment Department, both community college and university campuses, and the networking groups we are members of to search out the right employee. Prior to the sole proprietor start-up, the company started recruiting by administering twenty personnel surveys and advertising locally to create a staff of qualified contingent workers. This staff will be unaffected by AAP’s corporate restructuring.

4.1 Market Segmentation

The market can be broken down into two segments: the business market segment, and the employee market segment. Both of these segments are lucrative.

Business market targets:
The company targets the University of Oregon, Lane Community College, the nonprofit organizations, the publishing industry, the advertising industry, and other large businesses.

Employee market targets:
Editors/writers, graphic artists, computer specialists, event planners/fundraisers, and language translators/interpreters working in the business target markets listed above, as well as any applicants with unusual skills and talents.

4.2 Service Business Analysis

These charts demonstrate the types of workers employed, the type of qualified professionals on file to work for the company, and the types of businesses who have used AAP’s services. These statistics cover the 15-month sole proprietorship period from July 1, 1998 through September 30, 1999.

Types of workers employed by or signed up with AAP

Types of workers using AAP: % employed by AAP:

% signed up with AAP:

Computer 34 24
Editor/Writer 20 25
Event Planner 13 10
Graphic Artist 10 13
Language Interp/Trans 13 17
Other 10 11

Types of employers using AAP

Types of employers using AAP: Percent
High Tech 14
Nonprofit 39
Manufacturing 18
Publisher 11
Service 18


Each and every contact is entered into the database-either in the professionals file if they are a potential candidate, or in the contacts file if they are another type of contact. The client and jobs files utilize the contact and client numbers to automatically fill in the information from the contact or client files. This means no duplicate typing. In addition, the contacts, clients, and professional files all have follow-up sheets attached making daily follow-up easy. Simply pull the file up for that day and all calls that need to be made that day will be marked.

Searching is easy. The check boxes within each professionals file allows us to check for singular or multiple skills and experience with a click and a return.

4.2.1 Competition and Buying Patterns

First form filled out from the moment the candidate calls. Three screens constitute one file: Personal Information; Job Information; Skills. The professional and contact files have a conversation record that will allow easy follow-up with a list daily of those records needing a call.

Interview Form

Directly from the employee forms the Employment Specialist can select the appropriate interview form. This form consists of three sheets: Basic Questions; Other Information/Recommendations; and Reference Checks.

Employee Profile Sheet

From the above information, a profile sheet is generated in hard copy for the inside of each file. This is our second backup system (besides the tape drive) in case of a power outage, etc.

4.2.2 Contact Sheet

This form is used for all other contacts. From here, a contact can be turned into a client by merely typing the contact number in on the client sheet, automatically bringing in all of the information.

In addition, the contacts can be pulled up as a list and can be used to create the client information. The professional and contact files have a conversation record that will allow easy follow-up with a list daily of those records needing a call.

4.2.3 Client Sheet

The client sheet is easily created by filling in the contact number. All pertinent information is automatically entered. The client sheet has its own contact sheet attached generating a daily follow-up list. The client files can also be pulled into a handy contact list.