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Columbia Cleaners

Management Summary

The owner of the business will be director and accountant, working full time. A laundry expert will be employed and will be in charge of the operation and the quality of garment cleaning. Workers will report the laundry expert who reports to the owner.

6.1 Personnel Plan

Through consultations with a dry cleaning consultant, the term of reference of a laundry expert and workers are prepared. Employment information will be advertised in local newspapers. The laundry expert and two part-time workers who have experience in laundry work will be employed.

The laundry expert will be in charge of the operation and the quality of garment cleaning. Workers will be responsible for cleaning and classifying work and have duty to report daily work to the laundry expert. The expert has to report their working results and problems to the director.

Two part-time drivers for picking up and delivering clothes work from 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm three times a week.

The staff should be able to carry out working conditions and requirements:

  • Understand and apply dry cleaning and washing processes
  • Meet set standards by following instructions 
  • Work in hot, humid surroundings
  • Perform the same work continuously
  • Overtime may be required during peak seasons such as spring and autumn.

Number of staff and salary in the period of January to March 2005:

Description No of people Salary per hour ($) Working hours/week
Owner Full-time 1 23 40
Laundry expert Full-time 1 12 40
Workers Part-time 2 48
Drivers Part-time 2 7 24
Total 6 51 152

From April 2005, the business has more customers and becomes busier, thus new staff (a worker and a driver) are employed. The business prefers to hire extra part-time workers and drivers sharing the total needed working hours. In case one of them becomes sick or busy, other staff can replace him therefore the working process will not be effected.

An average 5% increase in all salaries is planned for the following two years of operations.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Director/Accountant $48,000 $50,400 $52,920
Laundry expert $24,960 $26,208 $27,518
Worker-1 $11,232 $11,794 $12,383
Worker-2 $11,232 $11,794 $12,383
Worker-3 $8,424 $8,845 $9,287
Driver-1 $4,368 $4,586 $4,816
Driver-2 $4,368 $4,586 $4,816
Driver-3 $3,276 $3,440 $3,612
Other $0 $0 $0
Total People 8 8 8
Total Payroll $115,860 $121,653 $127,736