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54 & Cloudy


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

Like other rapidly growing B2B companies, 54 & Cloudy will focus on targeted digital and print marketing, multiple advertising campaigns, conventions/trade shows, and strategic partnerships. Since 54 & Cloudy has already been offering its services on a consulting basis and has developed a loyal following, organic inbound traffic is already coming in and will continue to create a compounding effect that will propel 54 & Cloudy to strong and sustainable growth.

In order to continue growth and maintain their industry-leading reputation, 54 & Cloudy plans to utilize their own digital marketing knowledge to expand within their core markets, growing into new markets, and increase wallet share with existing customers.

Digital and Print Marketing

54 & Cloudy will launch a robust digital marketing campaign across paid search and through digital publications/blogs specific to their core demographics. With a unique skill set and offers, 54 & Cloudy will be able to gain meaningful momentum through paid search, providing them with business demographic information and contact information for re-targeting and promotional messaging. Additionally, by working with key online and print publications and blogs specific to the company’s various end-markets, 54 & Cloudy will be able to develop a strong industry presence that will be crucial for recurring customer growth. Some of the tactics that 54 & Cloudy will use to attract customers will include free site audits, industry-specific templates, and other free services to capture emails and upsell customers.

Strategic Partners

Relationships will be formed with multiple organizations that are selling to the same end customer including with design agencies, print media groups, traditional advertising agencies, and other non-marketing service providers like bankers, lawyers, and small business associations. By building a large team of strategic partners, 54 & Cloudy will be able to generate a stable and reliable customer base that will ultimately lead to repeat customers and an increased potential for larger contracts.

Customer Re-engagement

As with any business services company, recurring customers are a vital source of income as well as word-of-mouth for a growing business. As 54 & Cloudy continues to sell within their core demographic, they will be using various engagement tactics to drive retention and improve new referrals from existing customers. Through building a strong group of loyal customers, 54 & Cloudy will be able to identify key growth opportunities for the business including new product lines and end markets to work with.

Organic Marketing

As a leading digital marketing agency, 54 & Cloudy will be able to also publish onsite blogs, detailed landing pages, and other relevant content, as they would for any client, in order to drive organic rankings and new customer acquisition. By focusing on long-tail niche content in combination with highly competitive keywords and questions, 54 & Cloudy will generate strong SEO growth and generate meaningful organic traffic.

Trade Shows/Conventions

Many businesses find success with generating brand awareness and increasing sales conversion by attending trade shows and conventions to market their products and services. These gatherings allow businesses, consumers, and potential large partners to make a connection with the business and its leadership team before committing to a long-term contract. There are several large technologies, small business, and entrepreneur conventions and organizations held all over the United States that will provide a sizable pool of potential customers that 54 & Cloudy can interact with and demonstrate their services and product’s functionality.



The business will be based out of the Bay Area where 54 & Cloudy’s two founders are located. Given office rent prices and the plan to hire resources independent of physical location, 54 & Cloudy is planning to operate as a fully remote organization for the near term. There will be a small rent expense to cover the founders’ rent but no other rent or office costs will be incurred by 54 & Cloudy in the projections.


54 & Cloudy will be utilizing many of the industry’s leading automation, data tracking, analytics software for handling client work. This technology will include SEO tools, paid advertising automation platforms, A/B testing systems, and other useful resources that can help clients achieve their growth targets. Additionally, 54 & Cloudy will utilize several internal tools including a CRM, Slack, an email marketing platform, and other services to grow the business and manage operations and a remote workforce at scale.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Key Metrics

As with many B2B businesses, 54 & Cloudy will be tracking several key customer acquisition and customer retention metrics that will drive overall profitability and allow for more reliable hiring need forecasting.

The metrics 54 & Cloudy will be tracking include:

  • Revenue by Service Line
  • Contribution Margin by Service Line
  • Cost Per Acquisition (“CPA”)
  • Churn Rate by Service Line
  • Revenue Per Employee
  • MRR and ARR