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54 & Cloudy



Ownership & Structure

54 & Cloudy is co-owned by the two founders who each have a 50% ownership in the business. The company is based in the Bay Area and is a California LLC. There are no other ownership interests in the business at this time.


Leadership Team

54 & Cloudy is currently being run as a small agency by the two founders who are looking to secure funding to make additional hiring and take on enterprise-level clients. The two founders, Tom and Stephen, have extensive experience in the market not only as e-commerce digital marketers but also as technical/UX engineers.

Tom was previously a technical/UX engineer at a successful digital marketing agency where he worked on building proprietary dashboards, reporting tools, and advertising automation for both internal and external use cases. Stephen, on the other hand, is 54 & Cloudy’s e-commerce marketing expert with more than a decade working at e-commerce companies including a fashion business in the Bay Area in 2013 that was later sold in 2019. Since the sale of that business, Stephen has worked as a contractor developing his product-side and marketing expertise for small to medium size businesses.

The two founders complement each other’s skillsets and both are looking to move 54 & Cloudy from a small contract consulting business to a full-service digital marketing agency.

Hiring Strategy

In addition to 54 & Cloudy’s leadership team, there will be a strong hiring strategy to handle all the new clients as the business grows over the five-year projection period. With a mix of full-time hires and contractors, the Company will look to scale hiring to meet client demand but not be overstaffed so that people are not fully utilized.

The following roles will be areas 54 & Cloudy will hire to handle client services.

  • E-Commerce Product Engineer
    • Acts as primary technical architect and engineer for all development, testing, and product development
  • Analyst/ Technician
    • Full-stack in-house marketer that is expert in all services the firm employs. Has extensive background and experience in search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, paid search marketing, outbound email, and site analytics
  • Paid Media Specialist
    • Initially outsourced, this role handles all of the Google / Microsoft / LinkedIn / etc. ad management as well as its reporting
  • Project Manager
    • Liaisons the day-to-day relationships with our clients, working closely with technical and marketing leads to deliver on contract scope and goals. Managers the timelines and execution of all projects to ensure their success
  • Account Manager
    • In-house sales lead that possesses the ability to sell-in and move prospects through the buyer’s journey. Based on our target markets, this role has experience and knowledge specifically to help those business types grow
  • Outsource Junior Roles
    • Copywriting
    • Design
    • Paid Marketing
    • CRO Analyst

54 & Cloudy anticipates growing from 13 resources in Year 1 to more than 45 by Year 5. As outlined in the chart below, this growth will result in Year 5 personnel expenses exceeding $3.8 million, up from $965,000 in Year 1. Revenue per employee will increase from $185,000 in Year 1 to $262,000 in Year 5.