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Kaolin Calefactors


Kaolin Calefactors makes production and custom dishware. KC manufactures a line of 12 production styles of dishware as well as the option of custom designs. Custom designs can be either based on a design KC has done in the past or can be a creation of the customer.

Please note that the use of the term production is not the traditional usage. While Sue does have some production designs, all this means is that she makes them for inventory regardless if there is an order for them. Production in this case does not take on the typical association of “mass production.”

The pieces of dishware that are offered are serving platters, dinner plates, bowls, coffee cups, and saucers. Other pieces can be created at the request of the customer. The dishware comes in several different shapes as well as different glazing options. Kaolin Calefactors products are expensive. KC is not trying to compete on price. KC will be making high quality, handmade pieces, that can be glazed in any way the customer wants. The price/positioning strategy will be the upper end of the market.

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