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Contemporary Ti Design


Contemporary Ti Design manufactures titanium jewelry. The jewelry takes the form or pendants, approximately, and pins. All of the jewelry is made out of titanium. All of the products are designed and made by Steve. 

Steve has chosen titanium because of its unique characteristics. It is stronger than steel, yet similar in weight to aluminum. It is inert and hypoallergenic. 

Most of the jewelry is left unfinished. The grey of the titanium by itself looks quite nice. Some of the pieces are anodized. Anodizing adds a broad range colors to the titanium. Anodizing occurs by immersing the titanium in electrically charged water or hooking up the titanium to a electrical power source. When charged with electricity, a light film or oxide will form on the surface of the titanium and this produces color.

Contemporary Ti Design’s pieces are constructed out of titanium sheets. The material is cut using a saw blade. The interior of the pieces are cut by piercing a small hole through the interior and inserting a saw blade. All pieces are made from several pieces of titanium. The pieces are held together by rivets. Small holes are drilled through the different pieces and a small wire (rivet) is inserted through. The head and end of the rivet are tapped with a hammer and that enlarges the end holding the pieces together. In addition to the utility of the rivet, it is aesthetically pleasing in terms of the overall look of the piece.