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HodgePodge Sealcoating Company


HodgePodge provides residential sealcoating and crack filling. Sealcoating is the process of spreading a thin layer of an asphalt-based product that coats the surface of an asphalt driveway, filling in small cracks and sealing the surface against the elements. Part of the sealcoating process is applying crack filler first, a rubberized liquid that fills the gaps that are created in the driveway. If the crack is more than 1/8th inch in depth, sand must be added to fill up the empty space.

Before the driveway is ready to be sealcoated it must first be cleared of all debris. This will help adhesion of the sealcoat. Once the driveway is clear of debris, the cracks are filled. Next the sealcoat goes on and the driveway must then dry for 24 hours before use.

The typical cost for sealcoating a driveway ranges from $200-$300 depending on size and condition of the driveway.