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Beanisimo Coffee

Web Plan Summary

A website will be used to provide information regarding Beanisimo Coffee and the offered products to current and prospective customers. The site will be used for informational purposes, it will be not initially used for commerce purposes. Once the organization has been operating for a while they will reconsider the demand for coffee to be sold via the website.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy for the website will attempt to develop awareness for the website thereby directing people to the site for more information regarding the complete line of coffees and espressos that Beanisimo Coffee offers. Beanisimo Coffee will make submissions to search engines such as Google! to ensure that when a perspective customer types in “gourmet coffee” or some other such key word that Beanisimo Coffee’s site is high up on the list of hits. In addition to search engine submissions, all of Beanisimo Coffee’s promotional material will have the URL for the website, encouraging people to visit the site.

6.2 Development Requirements

As mentioned before, the website will be used as a source of information. Because it will not, at least initially, have an e-commerce component to it, the development requirements will not be that significant. Beanisimo Coffee will leverage the technical expertise of a computer science graduate student (who typically work at below market wages) to develop the informational site.