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Liquid Culture


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

Liquid Culture’s marketing strategy is a simple one. Social media is the key, with amplified word of mouth, offering an attractive solution to a real problem that real women have. We see the need. Our social media will curate content related to women’s issues, women’s health, women’s activities, and of course we will take a stand on real issues in the real world related to equality in the workplace as well as on the trail and on the water. We’ll promote as well in women’s fitness websites like Self, Shape and Strive, Liquid Culture will introduce customers to their products and website. We will also advertise in CosmoGirl and Ellegirl websites.

And of course, We will use to get the brand noticed and lead people to the website. Amazon can very much help branding. 

For the first two months, Liquid Culture will offer 10% off for all purchases under $100 and 15% off all purchases over $100. We will offer the same discount strategy three more times during the year when new seasonal clothing is introduced.

Sales Plan

Liquid Culture will launch a $245,000 ad campaign targeted at our core customer groups, mainly in social media with a smattering of some web ads. The focus of the ads will be to "keep the money you give to the middleman" and use it to get outdoors and enjoy life.  We estimate it will take most of the year to build our sales to the point where we begin to show a profit. 

Liquid Culture will offer discounts at various times of the year to even out seasonality and build initial awareness of the website


Locations & Facilities

Company headquarters in Bend, OR. Website to be hosted on the Amazon cloud. 

Bend is a rapidly growing community as outdoor-sports-oriented as they come, a center for skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, river running, running, and other outdoor sports. 

Manufacturing will be farmed out to existing operations offering piece work, probably based locally during the initial phase and in Asia later on.

We will need a short delivery schedule to manage inventory effectively. Not getting clogged with unusable inventory is essential. We will have to build to have on hand only the top selling products, and allow a short delivery schedule on all others.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date Who’s Responsible
Initial fulfillment strategy
Oct 09, 2020 Product team
Initial website launch
Jan 01, 2021 Web team key products launch
Feb 15, 2021 Sales
Website phase 2
May 31, 2021 Web team
Volume fulfillment options review
July 18, 2021 Product

Key Metrics

Key Metrics: 

  • Inventory turnover
  • Unit sales by item, class, and category
  • sales by item, class, and category
  • yields for facebook advertising
  • # of Facebook pageviews, likes, and shares
  • Twitter followers and retweets 
  • # of visitors to the website 
  • Favorite pieces of clothes and jewelry 
  • affiliate sales