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Betcher Chiropractic

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Betcher Chiropractic will leverage its competitive edge of a strict individual, holistic approach which is more successful than other doctors by truly concentrating on the individual and making specific analysis and recommendations for the particular individual. The marketing strategy will employ several different methods including free public seminars, print advertising, and networking activities. The sales effort will be a specific and conscious effort to exceed the customer’s expectations. This effort recognizes the significant value of word of mouth referrals and by adopting this approach fuels these customer base building activities.

5.1 Sales Strategy

The sales strategy is based on the need to exceed all of the customer’s expectations. By exceeding all expectations, customer’s will have only positive things to say about Betcher Chiropractic. Additionally, a patient that has been successfully treated is particularly vocal about the experience with their friends and aquaintances because the improvement of one’s wellness is so fundamental and apparent in one’s life.

5.1.1 Sales Forecast

Betcher Chiropractic has developed a conservative forecast that recognizes growth in a doctor’s practice is slow, steady and incremental. This type of growth is acceptable because it adopts a long-term perspective as opposed to short-term profits that are unlikely to be sustainable. Please review the following chart and table for more detailed information of the sales forecasts.

Chiropractic business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Chiropractic business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Sales Forecast
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Routine treatment $25,432 $83,455 $96,554
Initial examination and diagnosis $11,190 $36,720 $42,484
Total Sales $36,622 $120,175 $139,038
Direct Cost of Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Routine treatment $509 $1,669 $1,931
Initial examination and diagnosis $509 $1,669 $1,931
Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales $1,017 $3,338 $3,862

5.2 Competitive Edge

Betcher Chiropractic’s competitive edge is the holistic individual approach to wellness. The basic assumptions of this approach are:

  1. Each patient is a distinct individual. While there are many common problems among people, each individual’s body reacts differently to different stimuli and the most effective treatment assumes that analysis must be made using traditional flow chart frameworks while taking into account the significant individual variance.
  2. All wellness treatments must be addressed in a holistic manner. The human body is a complex “ecosystem” of many interconnected systems. Wellness problems are rarely specific to an organ or system, they are generally affected by various systems working together and should be treated accordingly.

Betcher Chiropractic treats every patient with these philosophical approaches. Betcher Chiropractic is able to offer more effective treatment relative to other doctors because its mission is to treat patients in the most effective manner. Success is achieved by addressing the problems that prompted the patient to visit the doctor. By religiously following the above mentioned approaches Betcher Chiropractic can offer more effective care.

5.3 Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy is based on three different types of activities:

  1. Public Seminars: Betcher Chiropractic will offer numerous free public seminars in an effort to increase visibility in the surrounding communities. Seminars are an effective way of introducing Betcher Chiropractic to prospective customers. They increase visibility of Betcher Chiropractic and provide a venue to develop a trust relationship with the individual, an important foundation of a doctor-patient relationship.
  2. Print Advertising: Betcher Chiropractic has identified several publications that Betcher Chiropractic will advertise in including The Oregonian and Willamette Weekly.
  3. Networking: This marketing effort recognizes that the buying patterns of patients are often based on who you know. By performing numerous networking activities both professional and personally, Betcher Chiropractic will be introduced to a larger number of people and this will increase the number of conversions from potential customer to patient.

5.4 Milestones

Betcher Chiropractic has identified four specific milestones that will be ambitious but achievable goals for the organization:

  1. Completion of the business plan.
  2. Secure and prepare the facilities.
  3. Full time status.
  4. Profitability.
Chiropractic business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Milestone Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Completion of business plan 1/1/2003 2/1/2003 $0 Dr. Betcher Marketing
Securing and preparing facilities 1/1/2003 3/1/2003 $0 Dr. Betcher Department
Full time status 1/1/2003 8/1/2003 $0 Dr. Betcher Department
Profitability 1/1/2003 6/0/04 $0 Dr. Betcher Department
Totals $0