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ToyLearn has developed three distinct functional and educational toys that are fun to play with, but at the same time are useful in teaching children needed skills. Although the toys are in prototype form at this point, they are functionally complete and are near their finished form.

  • NumberToy: a toy that emits lights and sounds when the children touch a stylus at the appropriate numbers. In addition to teaching children number skills, it also helps them with hand eye coordination. When children have used NumberToy in usability tests, not only do they learn numbers, but they squeal with delight as they are using the product.
  • LetterToy: this product is similar to NumberToy but it teaches children the alphabet. LetterToy is also successful improving children’s attention span.
  • PhonicToy: a toy that looks similar to a miniature PC laptop. Inside the unit there is a child’s book and stylus. Use the stylus to touch the page and the device reads stories out loud, identifies the sounds of musical instruments, and guides the kids along on basic addition.

This is the product line currently developed, however, it is expected to grow over time as new ideas are generated. While prototypes will be designed and manufactured in house, production will be outsourced.

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