KnaelHaed ASPware, Inc.

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ASP Software Developer Business Plan

Management Summary

KnaelHaed ASPware will have a limited management structure and using the power and flexibility of the World Wide Web, outsource and automate a great deal of the day-to-day work.

7.1 Management Team

Paul Peen - Founder and President

Mr. Peen has an extensive background in software development with more than 25 years of experience in the software industry.

Raef Terre - Vice-president

Mr. Terre has spent many years in the construction industry beginning as a framing carpenter, and working his way up to site foreman and job manager for a major general contractor.

7.2 Management Team Gaps

We believe we have a good team for covering the main points of the business plan. Key members have the experience and knowledge to manage and grow the business, and are highly motivated.

The obvious management gap is a plan to fill the general manager's position at some point in the future. As the company grows, KnaelHaed ASPware will seek out additional talent in all operational areas.

7.3 Personnel Plan

There will be less than ten employees of KnaelHaed ASPware. The growth of the company will be determined by how accurately and efficiently the company is able to implement the facets of this business plan.

Each member of the KnaelHaed ASPware team is highly valued; everyone is expected to have opinions, as it is a team that will make this company excel. It is the mission of the company to employ people who are committed to a high standard of excellence, who thrive on a team atmosphere, and who have outstanding customer service skills. This idealism is represented by the current staff, and will continue to be the guideline by which new team members are hired.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
President $65,600 $78,720 $94,464
Vice-President $48,000 $53,000 $58,000
General Administrative Assistant $32,400 $36,250 $39,500
IT Staff 1 $27,600 $30,300 $33,260
IT Staff 2 $27,600 $30,300 $33,260
Total People 5 5 5
Total Payroll $201,200 $228,570 $258,484
KnaelHaed ASPware, Inc. asp software developer business plan management summary. KnaelHaed ASPware is a start-up company that is developing an Application Service Provider website to provide a package of online services to help construction companies better manage all facets of bu