Free Industry Reports
Back up your plan with real-world industry data

Get valuable business intelligence that will help you convince bankers and investors that you understand your industry, your local business conditions, and your realistic profit and growth opportunities. Research reports and industry statics for thousands of business types are available.

Why do you need industry research?

  • Create a stronger business plan with compelling, accurate financial comparisons for your industry.
  • Impress lenders and investors to improve your chances when applying for loans, opening new accounts, or working to fund your business.
  • Understand your competition by seeing how other local companies in your industry are doing financially.
  • Predict the future by looking at industry trends and analysis to understand the current growth or decline businesses like yours (or businesses in your field).

Answer the most common questions about your business and create a bulletproof plan that will impress investors and lenders.

  • How many businesses are there in your industry - locally or nationwide?
  • Are companies in your industry growing?
  • What are the sales growth trends over the past 5 years?
  • What does a typical Income Statement (also known as Profit and Loss statement) look like for a business like yours?
  • What expenses should you expect to have, and how much should you be spending?
  • How does a balance sheet look for a business in your industry?
  • How profitable are companies like yours?
  • Are profits increasing for businesses in your field?