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1. Transparency and Empowerment

You won’t find lenders trying to hide anything in the fine print. Fundera is committed to transparency for borrowers, so you know exactly what you’re getting and how to choose the best funding for your business.

2. Explore 25+ Lenders and Get Impartial Advice

Fundera gets their fees from lenders, not borrowers, and the fee is standardized so no lender gets an unfair advantage. This allows Fundera to focus only on finding you the funding your business needs.

3. You Choose From Competitive Offers

After filling out just one application, you receive competitive loan offers from multiple quality lenders. You get to shop prices and compare loan products, so you can make the best choice.

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Straight-forward and Free

Powered by Fundera, the Bplans Loan Finder matches entrepreneurs and small business owners with lenders that will suit their needs. Submit one free, online application and receive a host of great funding options to choose from. The Fundera customer success team is available for you every step of the way, including pairing you with a loan officer to help you through the process. Remember that Fundera is paid by lenders, not by you, so they have only the best interests of your business in mind. They offer a wide range of financing options, from traditional term loans and SBA loans to merchant cash advances. Here’s what sets Fundera apart:

  • Completely free for the borrower.
  • Curated list of 25+ lenders includes only the country’s top lenders.
  • A free two-minute questionnaire will tell you right away what you qualify for.
  • Fundera is paid a standard rate by all lenders, so they can focus completely on the borrower’s needs.
  • Fundera has a lowest-rate guarantee. They’ll give you $100 if you see a lower rate anywhere else.