Can I find a sample business plan for on-line magazine?

I would create a on-line magazine about family vacations.
The sales strategy will focus on selling advertising spaces on my website.

Where can I find a sample business plan?

Your answers are kindly appreciated.


Question posted by angelaangela (2 points) 4 years ago. Answers: 1



Hi Angela

All of the sample business plans are here - http://www.bplans.com/sample_business_plans.php

Just bear in mind if you do not find an exact match that the business model you describe is typical of many Internet offerings so these plans will also help.

Finally the sample business plans are really just to give you a flavour of the issues someone else has included in their plan. You'll need to write your own business plan which will be unique to your business.


Answer posted by AlanGleeson (581 points) 4 years ago

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