Hi ,i have 2 million uganda shillings as my capita,which business can i start?

hi, am in kampala and  i have just graduated with a business course and now i need to put  theory into practise. my problem is that i don't have any business idea yet i have some small capital which is 2 million uganda shillings.i need your help?

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Wow--it sounds like you have an exciting opportunity! The reality is, no one can tell you what business you should start because that is a personal decision. A few questions to ask yourself--What are you passionate about? Is there a need for a service/product in Kampala that isn't being offered, and can you offer it? What can you see yourself doing five, ten, or twenty years down the road?

Ask yourself these questions, and do a little research. Talk to other business owners. Spend some time in different types of businesses. This is an exciting time for you! Good luck.

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In todays' world, people are always rushing; here, there and everywhere.

Computers are doing more and more of the work.

In the future people will have more time to relax.

Uganda is a beautiful country. It has an excess of potential tourism spots. The Government is reasonably stable etc etc.

Look to tourism for your Business.

You will be making a good investment for the future, and also make money.

South Africa

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