How to start a homeless shelter with funding?

I would like to know more about funding and business proposals for a shelter for women.

Question posted by hudson36 (20 points) 4 years ago. Answers: 2



Few things to be put together, like survey or assessment of the location where you intend to install those homeless shelters,

- Come up with design which is very cost effective
-Market survey [materials, you need to know what type of material you will use to install shelters]
-who are the beneficiaries?  
-is it sustainable project[can you maintain the support? if yes how? then pls do small research] to have kind of bench mark to guide you on the way forward.[certainly funds are very much available but you need to do very details assessment and
-then budget

When you present the project proposal to donors, they will ask you all these small small issues,

Answer posted by DeMello BAGENI (20 points) 4 years ago



zone for a shelter or community living, do you have the support of the residents who live next door to the shelter and would you have the support of your business community.

Answer posted by Deborah Benford (18 points) 4 years ago

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