I need an example on how to write a business plan for pig rearing

Pig rearing is a part of livestock farming.  I would like to create a business plan for someone who is getting into buisness rearing pigs, slaughtering them and selling the pork to small restaurants, hotels and home owners.

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The short answer is that the general structure of a business plan does not change regardless of the type of business you are writing a plan for. You should be able to use all the advice and information found right here on Bplans.com to get a pretty good idea of what a business plan looks like and what should be included. I recommend that you start at our “How to write a business plan” page here:

And, of course, check out our library of free sample business plans:

Sometimes, agricultural-based businesses can be challenging since they are so unique. If you want personal one-on-one help writing a business plan and you live in the United States, you should find your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Business Resource Center or SCORE office to get advice on where to begin. You can check the list on Bplans.com (http://www.bplans.com/business_planning_resources/sbdc/ or http://www.bplans.com/business_planning_resources/score/).

They may also be able to direct you toward some resources who are familiar with agriculture and farming, which may prove to be particularly useful.

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