I am in need of a Business Plan for my Safety Training and Consulting business. Can you help me?

I am a small Business Man who after being provided with Safety Training by the Federal and Indiana State governments and gaining 7 years of on the job experience working in safety for the State of Indiana, decided to start my own Safety Consulting Business serving the Manufacturing and Construction businesses.  I never thought about a business plan, until now, 5 years later.  The economic slump our nation is in really hit me hard and I realized that it was time to readdress the direction the company was going in.  A friend of mine recently happened to ask what my business plan was like.  When I told him that I didn't have one, he couldn't believe it.

So here I am, basically starting over.  Can you assist me in developing what I need?


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You're right to consider developing a business plan. Even for established businesses, it can provide an opportunity to assess the business and develop some expectations to plan for the future.

That said, there are a ton of resources available at bplans.com that can help. You'll find information on the general components of a business plan and a lot of direction that can help. You may also want to review a few sample plans. They won't all apply directly to your business, but they can provide you with some ideas and are a great place to start.

I did a quick search and found some plans that may be helpful for you:

You may find elements of those plans that feel familiar to you based on your experience as a consultant. They may also give you some ideas in regard to the things you may not have considered.

Good luck from a fellow Hoosier (now living in Oregon),


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Nowadays safety is a very neglected aspect of most Businesses and Industries.

I think  you should start by consulting e.g. doing surveys and offering advice on safety based on your survey and inspections.

Secondly, offer safety training to employees of other Companies.

I am quite sure that with 7 years of experience you should be able to draw up Training Manuals for most Industries.

South Africa

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