What is the best way to decide which business is right for you?

I have a total of four different business ideas. I have knowledge and experience in the businesses I am considering, but I am not sure which one will have the most potential for success in my area. They all seem perfect to me, of course, but not sure which to pursue. What is the best way to choose? Of course I know I need to do market research, but should I also do a business plan for each one?

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the best way is to find out what you like doing best that you know can benefit others or perhaps others are not too careful to notice. some time you might not see the immediate benefit but be sure that in the long run it will serve a commercial purpose. you must be careful of what others may say about it because they may not approve of it but does not mean it won't or it cannot work out. your ability to see it work out will take you to the next level i am speaking out of experience

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If you have four different Business ideas, then you will in all probability need four Business Plans.

Each one is unique.

From personal experience I normally suggest to my Clients that the Business with which they require the least dependence on others, is the way to go.

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Answer posted by leseding (4,859 points) 4 years ago

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