Is it better to go into a partnership right away or a sole proprietorship in making a business ?

Say i start a business with my future wife and we both live together but at the same time she owns lets say a bakery and i own a restaurant but the two are joined in one chain is it possible this could be considered a partnership or a soul proprietorship because we would be in the same house and if so what is the best way to go?

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i personally think that it is better to start alone, so that you can learn your way around the business. the thing is, when you are  new in the business world you are still trying to find your way around, never sure what to do and how to react in situations. rather than the business ending sour rather start on the venture alone, then maybe over the long run you can consider involving other people.

Answer posted by liya (22 points) 5 years ago

Great Comment I totally agree, I want to open my own beauty salon, wasn't sure if I wanted a business partner or not. Though my husband is a silent partner.

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