Do you have a business plan for a charity/non profit ?

I am starting a fund raising web site

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Dear Greeting to you

please kindly receive this letter with due respect as it might be very strange to you since I haven`t communicated you or know each other before, I am looking for a capable person from your country that will be able to assist me to invest/manage my inheritance fund ( 2.5 milliom Euro) which my late father left behind for me and my only junior sister, I and my junior sister were victims of war from Cote d`Ivoire, our late father was killed by rebels because he was a strong party member of the former President Gbagbo and was a Cacao beans Merchant. We lost our beloved mother 6 years ago for breast cancer after painful surgery. Please we are seeking for your kind assistance to help us to come and invest our inheritance fund  into hotel business in your country or any other secured profitable investment you can manage on our behalf because we do not have any business experience before to manage the huge sum of ( 2.5 milliom Euro) we inherited from our late father`s account. I am 22 yrs old and my junior sister is 20 yrs old. I need your co-operation and assistance in building a Tourist Hotel or Real Estate in Your country with the money. we inherited from our late father`s account. I am sorry if this is not in line with your business I will also need your good advice to link us up with any good business in your country that  you can manage on our behalf while we furthering  our studies till we can take over in the coming future. as I need an experienced person to assist us set up, develop the project with this money to secured our bright future under your control We will appreciate to receive your urgent useful reply as soon as you receive this message with your private cell phone number. Please kindly reply us back Through our secured E-mail id at

(Felixflora3@hotmail.com) For further Details

Best regards,

Felix & Flora

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