How to start sanitary napkin business?

There is a huge market for hygene products. We are planning to start manufacturing and marketing female sanitary napkins,baby diapers and adult incontinance product. we want to enter the international market with world class products. Please give me a business plan.

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The short answer is that you should really write your own business plan. It sounds like you have already done some market research and understand the size of the market. That's good news! Many companies struggle with that part of the plan.

At this point, the plan should really be your plan, not someone else's plan. Your target market (ie. target customer) will be different than other companies, so a sample business plan won't help you there. Also, your sales forecast and expense forecast will be very different than other companies.

Presumably, because this is a market with lots of competitors, you will need to also have a unique marketing angle. For example, your products might be cheaper or more environmentally friendly than your competitors. Your business plan will need to explain this.

I suggest downloading the free business plan template you can find right here on Bplans.com or using one of your software products. At the end of the day, you will be much better off writing your own plan than reading someone else's plan.

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Dear entrepreneur,

I agree with the point of view of noahpersons.
Where are you located?

Do you have already elements of your business plan?
If you want you can send them and i will review them and coach you in developing your project.
This is a free service, because my speciality are the financials in a business plan: translating the concept in numbers. I also can help you with the 'export-related' elements of your project because you want to enter the world market! Don't forget there are already very strong players on this market ...


Raf Vlummens
entrepreneurial coach

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