What software is excellent for data base

I need a software that I can store data and retrieve it for my employment agency.

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It would help if you can expand on what type of data it is you are looking to store. If it's financial data, there is likely a software program designed for this. If it's job seeker/candidate work history, a different software will be a better solution. Etc...

The more detail you can provide, the better people will be able to provide assistance.

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I am looking for  job seeker/candidate work history a software.

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Irregardless of the type of business,  You might find Zoho's dBase offering a good place to start,
as it offers a number of mutiple type of accounts, some free, others cost as your business, grows.

In addtion, it has a no. of  additional add-on modules for anything from word processing to, believe it or not, a Candidate dBase for recruiting?!!   It is one of the few dBase Co's to have that versitility.

Ck. it out,  if you don't like that -- QBooks also has some dBase software types that integrate with their widely used  QuickBooks Accounting Software for all types of businesses.

Good Luck in your search,

   ~ Randall

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