Where can I find a sample of loan proposal for a restaurant?

Hello, I am planning to open a restaurant and am looking to apply for loan from banks or SBA. Please help me to find an sample loan proposal for restaurant.

Thank you in advance for your time and help

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A bank loan or loan SBA proposal is the same thing, because the SBA doesn’t make loans directly, it funds loans for thousands of banks.

The paperwork depends on details required from each bank, so your best answer to this question is at one of your local banks. Banks can tell you in an instant whether or not they work with the SBA and offer SBA loans. Many banks advertise their SBA experience to attract small business customers. They can also tell you what they expect from a potential lender. The most important part of the loan process is the bank’s application form, which is where you’ll list the most important information the bank needs. That will include the obvious name and address information, and, most important, your assets. The banks will have to know what collateral you intend to put up for backing the loan.

Most loan proposals are a combination of formal bank forms filled out and a business plan, or a portion of a business plan. Business Plan Pro, for example, takes a completed business plan and automatically prints out a selection of topics to support a loan application.

Answer posted by Tim Berry (1,423 points) 4 years ago

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