kindly draw up a business plan on palm oil plantation and palm oil processing

The idea behind my business plan is to plant improved hybrid oil palm to a tone of about one thousand (1000) stands. The palm plantation will start yielding fruits in about three (3) to four (4) years. The harvested fruits from the palm oil plantation will then be processed into different products such as palm oil, palm kernel oil, poultry and animal concentrates. This will be situated in the same location or within the one business premises. In the plantation, a portion will be set aside for a mini factory for the processing of the harvested products. While the seedlings are still growing in the nursery, the factory will also be established. For the first three years, raw materials will be bought from outside for processing. The revenue generated from the processed finished products will be used to run and maintain the oil palm plantation while waiting for the oil palm to produce the fruits. In five to six years, other business like poultry and piggery will also be established where part of the processed poultry and animal feeds can be used for breeding them. This will increase my revenue and also boost employment. Bulk of the product will be exported for more income.

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Thanks for the question

This is a site for people looking to write business plans themselves. We do not write business plans for people. Good luck with the business.



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