I am looking for a sample business plan for mobile web app marketing can you please help me?

I am planning to make a business plan for my start-up business and I needed the sample business plan about the Mobile text Marketing Business.

Can you please help me?  Because I would like to apply for a business loan to be submitted to the micro financing institution, private banks and other financing institutions.

Thank you.


Anna Theresa G. Inocando

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Hi Anna,

Let's get the bad news out of the way first. We don't have a sample business plan specific to your business. We do however have over 500 sample business plans.


You may be able to get some inspiration from there. However, if you are going to seek financing, there's no copy and paste solution. The main reason lenders are wanting the business plan is they want to make sure you understand your industry, market, vision, and the steps you need to take and that you have the resources to make it happen. You can't fool lenders by using someone else's plan.

I'd start out by reading our business plan outline article.


There's several resources in there as well for crafting a business plan. You might also want to check out our sales and marketing articles here on Bplans:


Even as the technology changes rapidly, the most basic principles of marketing always stay the same.

Good luck and let us know when you have more questions! Thanks for asking.

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