I am interested in starting a craft mall, Do you have any suggestions for a business plan for that.

Trying to open a craft mall and need financing.  All your business plans are geared toward one product.  My endeavor will be to attract the best artisans under one roof for their benefit and the benefit of the customers.

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You will need to prove in writing the merits for someone to want to invest in your venture. It will be based upon the level of risk, investment dollars and how well you can demonstrate your ability to manage. To do your plan i suggest the following:

Document your anticipated expenses:

then determine your anticipated revenues with as much detail as possible
number of vendors
days space will be occupied
estimated revenues from each vending spot

Survey your vendors and determine if they are willing to pay what you will require for this to work and how long of a commitment. How are you planning on getting paid and not being put in a position of holding receivables?

Then survey your community to determine who will want to shop at your craft mall including why types of products how often and monthly budget.

the more information you can present the better your chances of finding a funder.

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I would rather recommend an Arts and Crafts Market.

This would be a Flea Market type of Business where only home-made products are sold.

I think you should easily get an unused parking lot or similiar space or even a portion of it.

You can charge the  Exhibitors a basic daily fee to exhibit their products and goods.
They will bring their own Tents, Awnings, Chairs, Tables etc
This is better and easier to control than charging a percentage commission.

Your basic expenses will then only be advertising.

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